Saturday May 28th

The Waterfront, Norwich






8th December 2014


That's right, folks. It's here! On Saturday 13th December we will be laying waste to The Waterfront in Norwich with our annual Christmas show! Before you get too excited, there won't be any goddamn reindeers and elf fucking, but there will be a whole night of kickass heavy metal and the finest spandex you will ever see.


Kicking off the night are The Intent, then Diss' finest Walkway will polish the stage with their silky smooth ball bags to pave the way for the ten-legged sex beast known at Pout at the Fucking Devil. Expect amps turned to 11, Randii L'Amour's lips turned to 12, and Dirk's junk going off the scale.


We are sold out of our ticket supplies and there are only a few left at the box office, so if you haven't got your tickets yet then what the hell are you doing?! Go and buy some HERE, and start greasing up your genitals for a night of aural sex. Oh yayuh.


16th December 2014


Our Waterfront show last Friday was the biggest and best yet, with 650 of you crazy motherfuckers partying with us! The whole night was amazing and one to remember, with some totally rad support from The Intent and Walkway. Go and visit those guys online and get your asses to their shows, as they totally rock and are sexy guys to boot!


We took the stage at 8.30pm, to a jizz-worthy chorus of screams that didn't let up until the final chords of The Beastie Boys rang out. Then it was onto the most important part of the night: drinking and partying backstage until the small hours with assorted strippers, midgets and sexy bitches dressed as elves.


For those of you who don't really dig the early curfew of a Pout Waterfront show, worry ye not. We have an announcement coming soon that we think you will like...


Our final gig of the year is this Saturday at The Lady of the Lake in Oulton Broad, so cum out and see us one last time before you book yourself in for a turkey coma! \m/


14th July 2015


Holy shit, do we have some news for you. As announced by Dirk on stage at last Friday's Waterfront show, Pout at the Devil are making their debut at THE UEA LCR on Friday, December 4th 2015! We are appearing with our good buddies Walkway and Wicked Faith, who will both prime your eyes and ears for the right royal shunting that the Pout boys will provide once they hit the stage.


This gig is an amazing opportunity for us and is the culmination of 6 years of work, rocking the finest folk like you up and down the land. This will be our homecumming to end all homecummings and we'd love for you to be part of it! Will there be pyro, an inflatable version of Dirk's cock and some dwarves on stilts? Maybe. Will there be a bigger stage? Fuck yayuh, and you know what that means: lots more running about and generally being dicks.


Tickets will be on sale SOON so keep 'em peeled and we'll let you know when they are available! Until then,  tell all the students you know so there will be a never-ending supply of young pussy for us to 'educate' after the show. Now you've been a very naughty girl This.


1st December 2014


Okay, we admit it. We built a totally sweet website a few years ago, and then updated it probably twice. Well worry no more, web traditionalists, because the (slightly) improved Pout 2.0 is here! Yes, it looks pretty much the same, but at least it's more up to date. Plus it will remain so, as webmaster Dirk has employed the hot chick in the photo above to stay on top of all of the band's 'posts'. Plus she's Asian, so she's totally rad at computers and that.


26th July 2015


GO GET 'EM! \m/




See you on stage for the party of the fucking year!!!